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My Work Now Made in China!

Screenshot of custom glass by Paul Housberg, used on a Chinese manufacturer's website without permission

Screenshot taken in July 2014


Anything about the “Custom Decorative Glass Tile” in the screenshot above look familiar? Read More

A Stained Glass Window (Personal) Breakthrough

Stained glass window by Paul Housberg

Stained glass window created for a private home, early 1990s


Recently I stumbled over images of this stained glass window, one of two that I created for a private home in Jamestown, RI more than 20 years ago. Read More

Fused Glass Stripes

Fused glass stripes by Paul Housberg

Samples of fused glass


Maybe it’s the bright colors, or the way those colors make light dance, or something more nuanced about the lines – but there’s something about fused glass stripes that really capture this time of year for me. Read More

Glass Pattern Inspiration

Glass texture inspired by water - Paul Housberg/Glass Project

glass pattern inspired by water


Here’s another little example of a glass pattern inspired by nature – in this case, water. Read More

Developing Textured Glass

Nature-inspired textured glass by Paul Housberg

Nature inspires concepts for many of my full glass art works; but it also influences my experiments in textured glass on a more minute level. Read More