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Sweet Colored Glass

“Solarium” by William Lamson; colored glass made with caramelized sugar

“Solarium” by William Lamson


I love this “experimental greenhouse” by William Lamson, created out of steel, colored glass, sugar, and plants. Sugar? Yes, indeed. Read More

A Reception Feature Wall Can Make All the Difference

reception feature wall by Situ Fabrication for Mt. Sinai Residential Tower, NY

Reception feature wall, Mt. Sinai Residential Tower, NY (via Situ Fabrication)


Ever since my post on lobby art awhile back, I’ve been paying closer attention to the work that I encounter in lobbies and thinking about what makes them successful or not. Maybe I’m a little biased, but I’ve been noticing that I consistently feel most inspired in spaces with a well-designed reception feature wall. Read More

The Architectural Drawings of Hugh Ferriss

One of Hugh Ferriss' more famous Architectural Drawings - the NY Daily News Building, 1930

Rendering of the NY Daily News Building, 1930, Hugh Ferriss (image via Wikipedia)


Whenever I revisit certain architectural drawings that predate computers, I am awed by their beauty and the extent to which the artist’s hand is present. Read More

Sawtooth Glass and Painted/Laminated Glass Technique Pages


I’m pleased to announce that this website now includes a brand new “Techniques” section! The pages therein offer some general overviews of sawtooth glass and painted/laminated glass, the two types of glass that I use most frequently in my work. Read More

Art and Healing

Architectural glass art Spencer Finch at John Hopkins Hospital brings up interesting food for thought around art and healing

Architectural glass art by Spencer Finch, Bloomberg Children’s Center at John Hopkins Hospital (image via Public Art Review)


Healthcare facilities have become some of my favorite partners in recent years. I’m a strong believer in the benefits of good art on health, so it’s very edifying to create work for environments wholly dedicated to healing. Read More