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Hospital Interfaith Chapel Art Glass

Hospital Interfaith Chapel Art Glass at Children's Specialized Hospital by Paul Housberg

Art glass wall for the Children’s Specialized Hospital, New Brunswick, NJ (click for more)


Every winter, around this time, I start to get cabin fever. Read More

Healthcare Meditation Chapel Glass

Healthcare meditation chapel glass for the California Pacific Medical Center by Paul Housberg

Art glass wall created for the California Pacific Medical Center, 2006 (click for more)


Even before this blog existed, I tried to write regularly about my process. I didn’t often publish such jottings; but once in awhile, they took form out in the world. Read More

Words on Glass at Marriott Library

Words on glass by Paul Housberg for J. Willard Marriott Library

Another Beautiful Day Has Dawned Upon Us (detail of words on glass), 2008


In 2008, I was commissioned to create a public art project that wound up pushing my practice in an exciting new direction. Read More

Backlit Glass Wall at the Raffles Hotel, Istanbul

Raffles Istanbul Writers Bar - Backlit Glass Wall by Paul Housberg

My new backlit glass wall at Raffles Istanbul. Photo by Raffles Istanbul (click for more)


I’m pleased to announce the unveiling of a backlit glass wall installation that I created for the brand new Raffles Hotel in Istanbul. Read More

Hospital Chapel and Meditation Room Art Glass

Hospital chapel and meditation room art glass detail, Florida Wesley Hospital, by Paul Housberg

Art glass detail from Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel


Happy 2015! From myself and everyone here at the studio, best wishes for happiness, prosperity, and good health. Read More