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Contemporary Art Glass On View Nationwide

Contemporary art glass by Judith Schaechter

Judith Schaechter’s “Waiting Room,” stained glass lightbox, 2014 (via Urban Glass)


Maybe it’s the crisp weather, or the colors of the changing trees – but there’s something about autumn that makes me want to get out and see art. Happily, one doesn’t need to look far to fulfill that urge; the fall pretty much always comes with an explosion of new exhibitions. Read More

Dream House of Stacked Glass

House made of stacked glass and oak by Skene Catling de la Peña Architects

“Dairy House” by Skene Catling de la Peña Architects (image via Stylepark)


This past week, I happened upon a gem while perusing an architecture blog. An old dairy building in Somerset, England was transformed into the stunning five-bedroom house pictured here, using stacked glass blocks and oak planks. Read More

Visit My Kiln Cast Glass in Second Life

Kiln cast glass installation by Paul Housberg in Second Life

My work at the Marriott Library on Second Life (image via Flickr)


There’s something extremely surreal about realizing your art exists in the largest-ever 3D virtual world – despite the fact that you, technically, do not. Read More

Another Wedding with a Colorful Glass Backdrop

Installation by Paul Housberg serving as a colorful glass backdrop to a wedding reception

My art glass wall offering style to a wedding reception at Loews Minneapolis Hotel, formerly known as Graves 601 (image via Studio 306)


Anything look familiar in this picture? Read More

When Art Takes On a Life of its Own

Lobby Feature Wall by Paul Housberg as the glass backdrop to a wedding photo

A couple in front of my lobby feature wall at The Peninsula Chicago (image via Pinterest)


Having created art glass installations for hotels across the country and in various public spaces, I frequently stumble across my own work as the glass backdrop to big moments in other people’s lives. Read More