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Another Wedding with a Colorful Glass Backdrop

Installation by Paul Housberg serving as a colorful glass backdrop to a wedding reception

My art glass wall offering style to a wedding reception at Loews Minneapolis Hotel, formerly known as Graves 601 (image via Studio 306)


Anything look familiar in this picture? Read More

When Art Takes On a Life of its Own

Lobby Feature Wall by Paul Housberg as the glass backdrop to a wedding photo

A couple in front of my lobby feature wall at The Peninsula Chicago (image via Pinterest)


Having created art glass installations for hotels across the country and in various public spaces, I frequently stumble across my own work as the glass backdrop to big moments in other people’s lives. Read More

Another Captivating Parking Structure Glass Facade

Parking structure glass facade by Lutz Haufchild

Lutz Haufchild’s Cadenza (image via


Apparently I have parking structures on the brain this summer. Read More

Glass Public Art Installation by Ivan Toth Depeña

Glass public art installation by Ivan Toth Depeña

Color Field by Ivan Toth Depeña (image via The Creators Project)


This past month, I was interested to learn about Color Field, a new permanent glass public art installation at the Federal Center RTD light rail station in Lakewood, Colorado. Read More

Rest in Peace, Robin Williams (Actor, Comedian, Glass Collector)

Robin Williams - Actor, Comedien, Glass Collector (photo by Jay Paul via The New York Times)

Robin Williams (photo by Jay Paul via NYT)


I was very sorry to hear about the passing of Robin Williams this week. A great talent, gone so early and under such tragic circumstances. Read More