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Glass Public Art Installation by Ivan Toth Depeña

Glass public art installation by Ivan Toth Depeña

Color Field by Ivan Toth Depeña (image via The Creators Project)


This past month, I was interested to learn about Color Field, a new permanent glass public art installation at the Federal Center RTD light rail station in Lakewood, Colorado. Read More

Rest in Peace, Robin Williams (Actor, Comedian, Glass Collector)

Robin Williams - Actor, Comedien, Glass Collector (photo by Jay Paul via The New York Times)

Robin Williams (photo by Jay Paul via NYT)


I was very sorry to hear about the passing of Robin Williams this week. A great talent, gone so early and under such tragic circumstances. Read More

Kiln-Glass in Architecture at Bullseye Glass

Jun Kaneko’s kiln glass Temple Har Shalom

Jun Kaneko’s kiln-glass at Temple Har Shalom (photo: Alan Blakely, via Bullseye)


If you’re interested in kiln-glass in architecture and find yourself in New York’s Westchester County this week, don’t miss Art into Architecture at the Bullseye Glass Resource Center New York Gallery, closing on Saturday. Read More

Elegant Byzantine Fresco Chapel Art Glass

Elegant Byzantine Fresco Chapel Art Glass (photo by Paul Warchol)

Interior of chapel (photo by Paul Warchol via bfc)


Some years back, I had the luck of visiting the Byzantine Fresco Chapel in Houston, Texas. At the time, it was the only place in the entire western hemisphere where one could view intact Byzantine frescoes of such size and significance. It was also one of the most elegant examples of a chapel art glass installation that I’ve experienced in this country. Read More

More on Fused Glass Stripes

Examples of fused glass stripes by Paul Housberg

Experiments in making fused glass stripes


Often when I finish a project, I’m left with bins of glass remnants. At one point, the bins were starting to pile up, so I thought I would try a little experiment. Read More