Artist Spotlight

Architectural Design (and Philosophy) with Norman Foster

  “Architecture is an expression of values.”

Glass Public Art Installation by Ivan Toth Depeña

  This past month, I was interested to learn about Color Field, a new permanent glass public art installation at the Federal Center RTD light rail station in Lakewood, Colorado.

Baldessari’s Glass Panels at UCSD

  John Baldessari is one of those artists who seems to work in nearly every realm one can imagine — painting, photography, film, video, sculpture, installation, performance, you name it. The one medium I’ve never really associated with him is glass; and yet I was recently reminded of the glass panels that he created in […]

The Architectural Drawings of Hugh Ferriss

  Whenever I revisit certain architectural drawings that predate computers, I am awed by their beauty and the extent to which the artist’s hand is present.

Color and Time

  Can color tell time? Sure, according to Tokyo-based architect and designer, Emmanuelle Moureaux – but on its own terms.

The Ambiguous Boundaries of Collaborative Art

  In mulling over the controversies of collaborative art processes, I can’t help but think of renowned figures like Jeff Koons. For anyone who might be unfamiliar with his work, Koons is at the extreme end of the “collaboration” spectrum; he designs but doesn’t touch his own work.

Action Painting at the Tate Modern

  A colleague recently told me about the Tate Modern’s current exhibit “A Bigger Splash,” which examines the dynamic relationship between painting and performance since 1950.

Glass Art Installation at Spaulding, Part 4

  There is the story, perhaps apocryphal, of the museum-goer standing before a Jackson Pollack painting and commenting, “My five-year-old could do that.” Well, the fact is, his five-year-old didn’t do that and, really, no, his five-year-old could not do that. Throwing paint is not difficult; but throwing paint with significance, meaning, and artistry is […]

Healing through Glass Books

  Lately I’ve been thinking about the relationship between art and healing, following last month’s events at Sandy Hook Elementary School and also in light of numerous interesting hospital projects cropping up (like this one) utilizing glass.

A Forest of Perspective-Bending Land Art

  Add to the growing list of projects I love that involve glass or glass-like materials is Joakim Kaminsky and Maria Poll’s land art installation, “Clear Cut.”