Another Wedding with a Colorful Glass Backdrop

  Anything look familiar in this picture?

Variations on Themes in Custom Art Glass

  Any time I’m developing a new work of custom art glass, I like to draft many variations on a single theme.

Custom Art Glass for Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel

  I’m pleased to share a new time lapse video of a custom art glass wall that I installed a little while back at Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel, in the hospital’s non-denominational chapel.

A Reception Feature Wall Can Make All the Difference

  Ever since my post on lobby art awhile back, I’ve been paying closer attention to the work that I encounter in lobbies and thinking about what makes them successful or not. Maybe I’m a little biased, but I’ve been noticing that I consistently feel most inspired in spaces with a well-designed reception feature wall.

Art Glass Wall for Mayo Clinic

  “We know all too well the necessity for efficient management, but there is a spiritual as well as material aspect in the care of sick people.” -William J. Mayo, M.D. Well, I know life is reaching a new height of busy when I look back on the year and realize I never posted about […]

Glass Art Installation at Spaulding, Part 10

  “A work of art is never finished, it is abandoned.” (attributed to Leonardo da Vinci) I always have mixed feelings when I complete a major project like “Water Walk,” my new glass art installation for Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, shown above.

Glass Art Installation at Spaulding, Part 6

  Some people believe that works of art created by a team are somehow diminished in their artistic value. This logic assumes that “art” is only that which is results from the vision and skill of a single individual. For some types of work, that may be true.

Glass Art Transforming Hospitals

  The folks at Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore clearly understand something about the potential physical and emotional benefits of good art.

Life Without Green

Did you know that people categorize colors differently from culture to culture? I’m not just talking about having different words for different colors from language to language. I mean actually seeing and understanding colors differently. Here are just a few examples from Alan S. Kennedy’s Color/Language Project: Hanuno’o language, spoken in the Philippines, has only […]

The Paradox of Stripes

I constantly find myself drawn to stripes, whether it’s making stripes in my own work or enjoying stripes in other people’s work. Many artists work with them, including Tim Bavington, Frank Stella, Gene Davis, and Yaacov Agam. French conceptual artist Daniel Buren, aka “the stripe guy,” pasted stripes over billboards in the 1960s to protest […]